SHO _______

SHO _______

SHO (SisterHood Of) this is a non-profit, philanthropic arm of Studio b. It is a program that is run through public schools at the Middle School level. And its platform continues the mission of Studio b to eradicate bullying in the classrooms to the boardrooms and to merge the "old fashion" principles of finishing schools with the modern "girl-power" movement.

The blank space after the letters SHO would be for the school in which the program is being run. 


 “I chose to be here, I chose to be engaged, I chose to participate, I chose to respect myself and others, and I chose to SHOup.”


An organization that touches girls all across the nation, and is a connection of young girls who recognize each other and support the continued and perpetual understanding that as women they are first and foremost ladies that respect themselves and others. To be seen as an organization that is not only inclusive but one that young girls strive to be a part of.


To develop an internal compass that drives each girl to want to be seen as a confident, lady. To foster acceptance and a sisterhood/bond that forbids bullying, shaming and disrespect of others for any reason. To develop an awareness within young girls to want to build up and foster the emotional and mental fortitude of others and not tear it down. To literally change the psyche of women such that in 20 years there will be a generation of women that no longer see self-depreciation as an option for anything.


To reach out to young girls in middle school

To give each girl a voice

To show girls the difference between inclusion and acceptance. The organization will show how inclusiveness does not mean allowing destruction under the pretense of “freedom of being one’s self.” You don’t need to be accepted to be a part of SHO____ you just need to conduct yourself according to the objective and vision of the organization.

To encourage excitement about self-development through a variety of social, and cultural learning.

To bring back the teachings of personal and social etiquette without creating a feeling of exclusion among the girls.