Studio b - Image Consulting

Workshops focusing on young girls from Middle school to College. Building confidence through social etiquette, personal styling, career readiness and more!



Corporate to College is a career readiness series that focuses on preparing the participants to not only successfully find a job but to also successfully navigate working in a business environment.

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Using the foundation of fashion and modeling, YLS, helps young girls build confidence, and master important social etiquette skills.

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About Us

About Us
Studio b consists of incubators of ideas and opportunities whose principles are:

  • Respect of self and others
  • Style, grace and dignity
  • FUN!

I have always dreamed of ways to help girls change their view of themselves as a whole. From self-respect to respecting others. It’s a tall order but I want to ERASE GIRL ON GIRL BULLYING from the classroom to the boardroom. Self-hate and hating on each other is a major cause to why we as women are so vulnerable to those situations that marginalize us.
How is Studio b different than the 100's of other organizations out there designed to empower young women? At Studio b we are NOT a modeling school and we are more than a place to learn social graces and etiquette. At Studio b image consulting for young girls, we take the approach that we first must see ourselves the way we want others to see and treat us. Through the lenses of fashion modeling, health, & fitness and well- being we approach building a positive image through a positive belief in oneself. This begins with self-respect and respect for others. Recognizing that dignity, beauty, and amazing confidence should start early so that it becomes a way of life. It becomes who and what young girls want to be a part of, it becomes a movement for ALL GIRLS.


The Art of Fashion 2

I love the Arts and when combined with exquisite style and beautiful clothes, well then, I am just in heaven.

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What impact does fashion have on civility?

It was once said that the length of a woman's skirt dictated the stock market. I believe fashion overall has dictated society's actions toward one another.

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The Art of Fashion

Fashion as art is not a new concept, and yet it is still very beautiful to look at.

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I can move forward and still enjoy the past

You shouldn't shy away from dressing your best.

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You are acting the way you are dressed

Pulling off a good look is worth the effort, but doesn't really take a lot of time.

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Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions are short sound bites that complement our seminars or workshops. From tips on managing the middle school & high school years, to advice on making a great first impression.

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Your Stylist

Your Studio b Stylist shows you ways to make an outfit pop, transform a simple dress into an after-five knockout, and stretch your wardrobe all by adding the right accessory!

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The Collection

The Model Store

A marriage of your Mother's Charm School and Next Top Model

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An annual exhibit featuring workshops, vendors and competitions that are focused on beauty, health & fitness, mindfulness and fashion.

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SHO _______

A Sisterhood of girls forming to create a nation of respect of self and others starting at the Middle School level.

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